will the new OnePlus 7 PRO phone work with all of TMO's upcoming 5G bands


    I've been told by OnePlus support that their new OnePlus 7 Pro phone is 5G compatible.


    However, I've also read that OnePlus is coming out with a OnePlus 7 Pro 5G model later this year.


    When I asked the OnePlus support about the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G model they just keep repeating that the OnePlus 7 Pro is 5G compatible.


    So being a very technical person I am skeptical what it means when they say the "OnePlus 7 Pro is 5G compatible" ??


    I am thinking it may be 5G compatible with only TMO's 600Mhz band...   however, does anyone here on the TMO forum know what additional 5G bands

    TMO is going to be rolling out later this (2019) year ?


    Assuming TMO and Sprint can complete their merger I am guessing that the combined Telecom will use both the 600Mhz and the Sprints 2.5Ghz band.


    But is there any other band that needs to be supported by someone buying a new Phone?    I don't want to buy the OnePlus 7 Pro only to find that its only partially compatible with TMO's future 5G network.




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