OnePlus 7 Pro Promo Deal


    According to Mr. Mobile and some other YouTubers, T-Mobile's promo deal for the OnePlus 7 Pro will be better than what OnePlus is offering directly through  Currently, OnePlus has posted a trade-in promotion where you can get up to $290 off of your device plus an extra $30 for non-OnePlus device trad-ins and an extra $40 off for OnePlus device trade-ins until June 30th.  Definitely not a bad deal.  What is T-Mobile's deal though?  I have yet to see anything posted about it. 


    What I would like to see is a BOGO: Buy one, get one free with trade-in or the addition of a new line.  It would be nice if T-Mobile would get their deal posted before they appear in stores nation-wide.  I have a handful of device I could potentially trade-in but a buy one, get one free offer from T-Mobile without a stupid amount of restrictions would get me to purchase it locally instead of directly through OnePlus. 

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: OnePlus 7 Pro Promo Deal

        I am not currently seeing any promotions like that at the moment but we did have a pretty awesome launch events at our signature stores on 5/14 where you could get the phone earlier than anyone else

          • syaoran

            Re: OnePlus 7 Pro Promo Deal

            I didn't see anything either from T-Mobile and I have looked most days since the launch.  I'm guessing current sales are good enough to not need a good promotion to get those devices moving.  My few local stores are all sold out of the blue and one store one has a few grey left.

              • tmo_lauren

                Re: OnePlus 7 Pro Promo Deal

                I haven't seen anything coming up.


                Typically they launch sales with devices, so I'm not sure if there was originally something planned that just got scrapped.



                  • syaoran

                    Re: OnePlus 7 Pro Promo Deal

                    Yeah.  No one I haven talked to inside of T-Monile hasn't seen anything regards to any offers for the OnePlus 7 Pro.  All 3 stores I have been to though are sold out of the blue, so it is definitely selling.  One store has 3 grey on Tuesday, but they did say they were getting more within the next week or two. 


                    If the phone is selling well on its own, there is no real need to offer incentives until the sales slow down.


                    I don't really need another phone but the XDA community could use se more people with devices in-hand to help test thencross-flash into the international version, which also enables the second SIM slot in the device and use a 3D printed dual-SIM tray tonuse 2 SIM cards at the same time.  It's essentially the same as what was done with the OnePlus 6T's from T-Mobile.