T-Mobile Home Internet LTE Router Connection Issue


    I received my LTE router in the mail a few days ago and everything seems to be working just fine service wise. However, I am having issues with connecting specific devices to the router and logging into the router itself via the IP address and using the user name and password stated.


    Device issue: I seem to not be able to connect my Ring Doorbell to the T-Mobile LTE Router. I have tried it many times, followed the help guide for the router and the Ring doorbell several times as well without success. Has anyone else or T-Mobile tested the connection of a ring doorbell to the T-Mobile Home Internet LTE router?


    Logging in: I have typed in the IP address, entered the user name and password MANY times and it always says "login failed!". Should I hard reset the router? I wanted to try and avoid this as it took me about 2 hours to connect all my devices the first time and would love to avoid that.





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