Security Questions OVERKILL?


    In the last 4 days that I have signed in I have been asked 5 times to answer 2 security questions. WHY? I am in complete agreement with securing my account. Supposedly, the credit card I use at ADD FUNDS is always a one-time use. I HOPE my CC number hasn't been saved. Is this happening to other members?

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      • gramps28

        Re: Security Questions OVERKILL?

        Is this for your MyTmobile account or for the support forum?


        When I sign into MyTmobile account I have to answer my security questions or I

        have an option to change it to a pin number being sent buy a text to my phone to verify

        but this is for a postpaid plan so maybe they're changing the security on prepaid plans.

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          • dc5fan

            Re: Security Questions OVERKILL?

            This is happening right after I sign in. I don't think I am being offered an option. If what you are saying why aren't we being told about these changes? I'm trying to figure out how to bypass SUPPORT and go to COMMUNITY instead. My Google page has 10 items (including T-Mobile) that I use. When I highlight COMMUNITY I get Community  (the link). It seems I can't exchange SUPPORT to COMMUNITY on the Google page. I could use your 2 Cents regarding if T-Mobile saves my credit card number when I ADD FUNDS to my prepaid account? I have seen a lot of things here with CCs that's it's a little scary. I do know that if there would be a fraudulent charge I am not responsible.

            • dc5fan

              Re: Security Questions OVERKILL?

              I figured out my problem. I now can go straight to the COMMUNITY bypassing the SUPPORT page.