Unlocking galaxy s8 bought from samsung's website


    This has been absolute pain from T mobile. I have been contacting T mobile for a week now.  I have been only been able to contact them with chat or email. But every time it is different person I am chatting and they copy paste same thing from t mobile's website about device unlock app. It does not work. I have tried a lot of times with restarting or shutting off phone too. One of the representatives I talked made clear that do not me to use the app because I already tried it before I start the conversation. She put it in request to technical team and they will contact me with email and I will be able to email them if it worked or not.

    Guess what? I waited 3 days for email and they told me to use device unlock app. But this time I was hoping they registered  my device with IMEI number I gave but nope, device unlock didnt work and I cant reply the email either. It is do not reply email. I am currently out of country so I can not call them and I have locked phone with me. Also T MOBILE app is also pain in ***. It works rarely for me. This has been absolute hell for me. Asking people for hotspot to cobtact t mobile. Why cant they just give me unlock code for my phone.


    I contacted samsung too but they are telling me to contact T mobile.


    I bought this phone from samsung's website.

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