Tower information. Where to find?



    How can I find tower information on towers near to zip 36483?


    geo coordinates,


    frequencies/bands, and

    tower heights.


    I plan to put an external signal booster (from T-Mobile?) at a house in Wing, but need to know which direction and which frequencies to use.

    This is a simple request.


    i called several times but the tech support said that they did not know how to find tower information.
    After 70 minutes on the phone the last time, I still did not receive any information.



    I simply asked for details on towers near to Wing, AL, 36483:

    geo coordinates, azimuth, frequencies, and tower heights.



    This should be easily available, but the three techs and their supervisors were not able to find this.


    My Tracfone  (AT&T) works in Wing, AL, but my T-Mobile phone does not have an adequate signal, so I want to put a booster on a tall enough mast so that it will be line of sight to the closet tower, and maybe put several yagi antennas and merge the feeds.

    But I need to know precisely where to aim the yagi.



    I realize that some towers are on private property, or are leased.

    Verizon tower information is easily available online, as is much of AT&T.

    Cannot T-Mobile provide the same details?

    Where is this information to be found?


    Thank you.



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