Why is my new S10e unable to open 3rd party applications while offline/dis?


    I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S10e last week. It is a nice phone, but has several problems. The main problem now is 3rd party application use while offline. I contacted customer support. They helped me reset the phone, check phone permissions, check application permissions. I was then referred to Samsung support which ended in the same result. Nothing customer support has offered resolves this issue. Whenever I attempt to use an application offline, like Babbel or Screen Recorder, the application will freeze at the loading screen. Some applications will open, but only after a long wait time. This latest attempt required 15 minutes. The applications can be used offline. Several of them excessively indicate they can be used offline. I have discovered applications will activate with no problem when connected to the internet. They will also activate when I turn on WiFi while the application is loading. This tells me the phone is preventing application use while disconnected from the internet. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Do you have a solution?

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      • tmo_chris

        So it definitely sounds like these apps require some sort of connection to function properly. The apps that you mentioned were not developed by T-Mobile so I unfortunately would not know if there was a way around that or if they even support it. I would recommend reaching out and working with the developers of these apps to find out for sure.

          • user7791

            While I appreciate the response, contacting each developer is not a solution. It appears tmo_mike_c was eager to close my topic. Stellar customer service.

              • magenta8622016

                I get the frustration, but in this case you've been given the right information.


                I took a quick look at Babbel as it's one that you mentioned and their permissions cover needing access to the internet either through cellular data or WiFi. Babbel does say in their help section that you can use it offline but you have to have downloaded the courses before you go offline.


                If you haven't completed the downloads, the app might simply do nothing or crash. I'm not overly familiar with Babbel but it has happend to me with other "offline" apps if things weren't fully done before I had to go into airplane mode etc.


                It really is totally app dependent as to the offline capabilities and the only way to actually verify if it's possible is to check the app's particular help section or contact the developers directly. There's no real way for T-Mobile or any mobile provider to verify that for you. Either the devs have to specify it better or Google (or Apple) need to have that as a searchable option so it's easy to search for offline capable apps. Just typing "offline" in the Google Play search isn't particulary helpful overall.

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