FCC Complaint Tmobile refuses to engage referred to Legal


    How does Tmobile repeatedly charge for a service they do not supply? How does Tmobile deny clarification of map verses actual service area when requested by disabled customer who needs service. How does Tmobile determine making a complaint with the FCC is engaging in legal action? How can Tmobile supervisor Bellingham Washington refuse to discuss a customers coverage area on an account that they contract for? How is Tmobile able to refuse communication (only through written to legal dept address) under guidlines by the FCC.

    Tmobile...We supply you a service...it is not fit for purpose but too bad... We are deceptive on our coverage area. We make promises of near term ugrades and improved service. We know they don't happen. We dont care if you are disabled and Wifi/power goes out and the tower booster we supplied no longer works. Too bad if emergency or Dr. is trying to reach you. Too bad if someones wife is stranded on the side of the road with zero service..including emergency..Too bad if your daughter is attacked and cant call for help.. Too bad our maps do not give actual coverage that customers  can rely on. Too our "World Partner" is a 3rd party call centre in Manilla that are beyond useless. They actually admit they are NOT Tmobile. They are 3rd party offshore contracted services. Absolutely poor

    Please I know there are many others out there struggling. Despite obvious hostile behavior in shutting off access to communication other than writing we customers need to follow through with FCC compaints.

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      • syaoran

        Tjay is some extreme exaggeration of potential circumstances.  If no emergency service is available in a particular location, then that applies to every carrier, not just T-Mobile.  Emergency is for all cellular devices, including devices without a SIM in them or any active service. 


        If you filed a complaint with the FCC, customer care employees can no longer discuss those matters directly with you.  Someone from the FCC or higher up within T-Mobile might potentially contact you at some point to potentially discuss some sort of resolution.

          • magenta8774802

            "Might potentially"  Dang there is an obvious affiliation with Tmobile! That is Tmobile language for doing absolutely nothing to resolve connectivity issues surrounding the misrepresentation of coverage area. I think I have your name in my chat history with Tmobile.

            For an agent to state a customer has engaged in "legal action" by filing an FCC complaint is completely inaccurate but let's face it Tmobile has no problem with "manipulating" information.

            I think another poster to a discussion has confirmed it was not "an extreme exaggeration of potential circumstances" when his wife was left standed on the side of the road with no service in an emergency situation. Please do not intimate these are not real situations faced by Tmobile customers.

            I have a complete log of the contradictory and downright deceptive information provided by Tmobile.

            As for the FCC it appears they have an investigation as to the deceptive practices with regard to coverage mapping.

            I am sure the FCC requires Tmobile to do more than "might potentially" contact a customer but what do I know. you are apparently the Tmobile expert partner.

          • miket

            EVERY carrier has its dead spots.  TM does not sign you up to long term contracts.  Cancel your TM service and sign w. a carrier that services your area.