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    I have seen several older post from customers who were, and were not, able to get the elusive Duo+ signal booster that will work with band 12. I live in an area where my best signals are from bands 12 and 71. Despite being told each time I would receive a band 12 capable unit, I am on my third D32-24NU booster. It does not receive band 12. Through a little research, I have figured out I likely need a D32-21266 unit. Customer service doesn't seem to have a clue when it comes to these devices. I sent a screenshot showing that my phone only receives bands 12 and 71 but was sent a third non band 12 compatible unit. Has anyone, recently, been able to get one of these units? Any suggestions on how one can be obtained?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Band 12 Booster

        You would definitely need the Duo if you are trying to utilize B12. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team so we can take a look at why the correct device is not being sent to you.

          • dwnoble

            Re: Band 12 Booster

            I have called and tried over Facebook. I am being told the unit is out of stock and I can check back in two weeks. Unless I use my AT&T hotspot, my T-Mobile phone is pretty much worthless at my house. Others have stated they are unable to obtain the boosters through customer support, they have to go through technical support.

          • stevejohns11

            Re: Band 12 Booster

            I'm in the same situation, with only 700mhz coverage. I have the old D33-24U which does nothing though my phones which are 700mhz get 1-2 bars at closet window, but nothing else in the rest of the house. I do not have internet available to use streaming for calls etc. When I called support, I was switched to non-US support which seemed to have no idea and then told me the units are no longer offered through T-mobile. When I pointed out the T-mobile page saying otherwise, I was then told they were out of stock and that I'd be put on a waiting list. When I asked for the model#, the tech could not supply it and the name of the unit was not similar to what I see listed on the T-Moble Signal Booster pages. He kept pushing the internet solutions though I repeatedly told him that I do not have internet available. How can I get the correct device? I need to get coverage at my secondary residence. If that means I need to buy and outside device or switch to Verizon, I'm okay with it, I just need to know whether the 700mhz device from T-Mobile is available. Thank you.