LG ThinQ Stopped Fast Charging


    More of a complaint/question.


    ThinQ suddenly stopped fast charging. Tried it using multiple chargers/cords, even a brand new charger and cord, still not charging right. My husband has the exact same phone, it fast charges fine no matter the charger or cord.


    Called Tech support twice, both times was told if the phone itself charges, there's nothing wrong with the phone. I explained it won't fast charge in any charger or cord, so yanno it must be the phone. My husband's ThinQ fast charges, I plug my phone in and it won't. See where this is going?




    My phone is messed up and won't fast charge, and I'm pretty sure the techs thought I was a moron (altho they weren't mean about it).


    They were nice enough to humor me with a warranty claim, tho, but still.

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