Trying to get iPhone unlocked to use on another carrier.


    I had t-mobile for several years but I moved and the area I live in, doesn't have t-mobile service.

    I switched to Verizon and at that time upgraded to a newer iphone.

    I paid off all my debts with t-mobile and kept the old iphone.  Now I'm trying to unlock the IMEI on the phone so I can give the phone to a friend and they can use it on another carrier.  I've gone into the t-mobile store several times and talked to the customer service and every time they just keep telling me that I never had a t-mobile account therefore they cannot unlock the phone.  All this despite the phone still shows the old "t-mobile" network on it.   And I have my old account number with t-mobile from all the times they've emailed me my bill.


    How the F do I unlock this stupid phone when t-mobile deleted all records of my account?

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