Signal Booster Lights All Yellow




    I live in the sticks, normally get 1 bar at best. Got a booster from T Mobile, get 5 bars on avg. Woke up this morning to the same fluctuating single bar signal I had before we got the booster. So I looked at the booster. This is what it does: power flashes green (no other lights on) a few times then stops and all indicators go solid yellow for a few seconds, then the power flashes green again and the process repeats.


    So, I tried these things: pressing the connect button on my wifi router; pressing reset on the booster; holding the reset button on the booster; unplugging and replugging the booster; moving the booster away from the router and trying again. Every time I did this I made sure the router was allowing searching devices to connect to it (pressing the little button on the front of the router to allow new connections).


    It’s been doing this for 6-7 hours at this point. Please help.

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