SMS/MMS sent while phone is off are not received


    Anyone know how to remedy when SMS/MMS are not being delivered from the network?


    My phone is often off, either over night or while I'm at work.  When I restart it, it typically does not automatically pop messages from the network stack/queue.  I've worked around this (since at least Oct 2018) by sending a test MMS to myself.  When that gets delivered back to me, it typically comes through with anything else that hasn't been already picked up.  However, some time in the last 10 days, any messages sent by others while the phone is off are just dropped.  I have a screenshot from a friend today showing 3 messages that didn't come through.


    Config - Samsung S8 unlocked.  Google Messages default app.  WiFi calling turned off (believe I did this to remedy previous problems with SMS/MMS).  While I can't remove the Samsung Messages app, I have denied it all permissions.  As far as I know all apps and OS are fully up to date.


    Troubleshooting I did today (not necessarily in this order)

         1) Clear Google Messages Cache

         2) Rebooted phone several times

         3) Enabled Wi-Fi calling - Cellular preferred.

         4) Provided Full Permissions to the Samsung Messages app.  Sent/received test message to/from myself.


    None of that had any impact, and the 3 missing messages from today (that I know of) remain undelivered.


    As far as I know I have zero issues with sending/receiving while my phone is on.  This is only an issue as it reattaches to the network.

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