Busy Signal when calling a forwarded number


    Cellular callers get a busy signal or my T-Mobile voicemail when calling my forwarded AT&T landline number.  Started in December 2018.  AT&T said they have checked everything including my C.O. equipment.  T-Mobile can't find an issue.


    I can forward my AT&T landline number to any other phone on my account or any other cellular company number, and there is no issue. 


    Cellular callers only get a busy or Vm when calling my home and it's transferred to my cell.


    The callers are calling from a cell phone.  If they call from a landline, I will get the call.


    I have opened several tickets, but T-Mobile keeps closing them assuming the issue is resolved.


    Any suggestions.  If you call from a landline to my landline, I get the call  If you call from a cell to my landline, you will get a busy or VM.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        That's no good, but we appreciate you testing out various solutions and giving us the rundown. Have you tried forwarding calls from a different number to your T-Mobile number? Like another AT&T number or T-Mobile number? We'd just like to see if this is happening with any number you forward or just the AT&T number.

        • tmo_amanda

          xmommajacksonx, I'm just checking in to see if you called Care to get a new ticket filed. As MC mentioned above, at this point, that's the next step to be taken so our engineering team can figure out why this is happening.

          • magenta9474811

            We are having the same issue except our landline carrier is Verizon. If you call the landline number from another land line call will get forwarded to cell. However if you call from any cell phone carrier to the main number it will not forward to the t-mobile number and you will get a busy signal. We do not use call forwarding through T- Mobile but through Verizon and needs to stay this way for the business. We are extremely disgusted and not getting the help we need. T-Mobile dismissed the other person on this thread saying AT&T was the problem however we have Verizon so the common denominator is T-Mobile wireless connection. Nothing is being done and getting disgusted explaining this over and over. Shocking that the supervisor I was transferred to just hung up on me and dismissed my concerns. I thought we were accidentally disconnected but he never called back and clearly hung up on me.I was begging him to read this thread so he could understand another person was having the same issue. He didn’t care just hung up. This has been going on since June 13th! No answers! We are losing money over this as the main number is our business line. What kind of customer service supervisor hangs up on a customer? They will just close out this ticket so I can start the process all over again with no solution. Hours on the phone, money lost and T-Mobile tech supervisor can’t be bothered and hangs up on me! Very disappointed

              • xmommajacksonx

                I totally agree.  This is a T-Mobile issue.  I have been trying since November to get this resolved.  The only other recourse I think we have is to put in a complaint with the FCC. I have been trying to avoid this.  But when I can carve out  some time, this will probably be my next course of action.  I have spent countless hours on the phone with T-Mobile, AT&T and Apple.  I have exchanged Phones, Phone types, sims card, reset my  phones to factory, reset network, so many times, it hurts to think about it.  I will not complete a survey because of this issue and issues concerning network connectivity, unable to text or receive texts. 

                On a different  note.  I spent 4 hours with T-Mobile Saturday concerning connection issues, only to find out that there is no T-Mobile service in the area I was in (Brown Stadium in OH).  Someone at the location overheard my frustration of not being able to participate in the Activities (via txt) and told me that T-Mobile doesn't work at the Stadium.  90% of my group was T-Mobile and no one had service. (1 Verizon user had service)  I asked others that I know where there and they all confirmed that none of them have service when they are at the Stadium.  Some bought prepaids from other carriers in order to have service.  I am beginning to believe that the cost does not out way the service.  I said I would give it a year.  So I will.  But I believe I will be moving my 8 accounts and others I influence elsewhere.