New customer. Could not take advantage of "BRING YOUR CORPORATE DISCOUNT. WE’LL MATCH IT" promo


    Been a Sprint customer since 1993! But when I saw the "BRING YOUR CORPORATE DISCOUNT. WE’LL MATCH IT" promo it was enough to get me to switch.


    It states in the terms "Must submit verification of eligible discount to receive bill credits." So I brought in printouts from my HR department that shows I do get employee discounts with AT&T and Verizon, should I decide to do business with them.


    My sales rep was very nice and helpful, but said that I could not take advantage of the promo because I do not have a bill showing those employee discounts with the other carriers. That means if I wanted T-Mobile to match them, I would have to JOIN Verizon or AT&T for one month, get the bill showing my employee discount and THEN switch to T-Mobile, which is absurd!


    I don't understand why I could not take advantage of the offer.


    Furthermore, when I was on Sprint, I had a discount with them too. It was the SERO (Sprint Employee Referral Offer) discount which knocked off $15 per line (I have two lines). I had even brought in my most recent Sprint bill showing the SERO discounts and STILL could not take advantage of the T-Mobile promotion.


    I do feel like I've been slighted by the old "bait and switch".


    Is there anything I can do to take advantage of this promo? Please advise.


    Thanks in advance.


    - Unhappy new customer

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