Hotspot speeds?


    When I am connecting to the internet with just my phone using mobile data I average 53Mbps downloads and 33Mbps uploads, very respectable.   These averages are from speed testing sites on the net so I know the long term speeds will be a little slower. 


    I have an unlimited plan. My phone and plan support hot spotting. I can tether my PC to my hot spot no problem.  Tethering with WiFi my PC connects to my hot spot at 144Mbps, very nice. 


    So all things being equal, my PC should be able to use the phones hot spot connection (144Mbps) to transmit my mobile data speeds to get approx.50Mbps through to my PC connection.  But no such luck. 


    When I am connected in this manner my PC barely gets 100k, that's .1Mbps on a consistent basis.  You need at least 1.5Mbps to be able to stream low res movies.  So the mobile network is not working correctly because of configuration or just plain network inefficiencies.      


    What am I doing wrong?




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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Hotspot speeds?

        Many plans have a limit on the speed of hotspot devices.  Tethering download speed being throttled or what? is a thread discussing some of it.

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: Hotspot speeds?

          Hey littlelion57smplyunprdctble brings up a good point! What specific plan are you on and do you know how much hotspot data you have used this month? You can see this usage on

            • littlelion57

              Re: Hotspot speeds?

              Well....First off thanks guys for replying to my post and for posting more info on the subject. I'm sorry I did not find the thread discussing this but Ill get better at it, first post and all.


              I had the T-Mobile ONE unlimited plan using a G7 ThinQ with no add-ons. Never needed or used the tethering hot spot option until I moved and had no internet. I had no trouble turning on the hot spot and getting it connected to my PC but never even thought about throttling.  {first post details}


              After troubleshooting I obviously knew I was being throttled and called the tech team.  The tech team seemed surprised that I was not getting at least 2g/3g speeds.  I said wait a minute I should be at 50Mb which is what my phone can do right?  They said no and proceeded to inform me that firstly unlimited is 50GB of 4g lte and only 2g/3g max but not promised with your hot spot. I was pissed, pages were loading slow and I could not do updates on some of my software because of timeouts.  I had a 1Gb connect at my last residence so I was fuming.


              I searched the net for work-a round's because I was going to beat this tech problem.  I found out that I could but beat it but it was risky and I could not afford to be without my phone service.  So I looked at my plan options online and found an add-on that would give me 20 GB of hot spot true 4g Lte speed for only 15 extra a month. This was a way better option than taking a risk of defeating the tethering.  Since loading web pages at 50Gb speed and playing an occasional game online and some you tubing was all I was really going to do this would be plenty for my situation.


              So I now have the T-Mobile ONE unlimited plan using a G7 ThinQ with 1 add-on. Which is the T-Mobile one PLUS add-on  The 20GB hot spot 4g speed is obviously part of my 50GB per month until I start what they call congestive throttling when I reach my unlimited limit on the phone with total hot spot slowdown when it gets to 20GB even if I am under the total of 50GB for the plan.


              My question now is does the advertising side of T-mobile know the difference between GB and Gb?  Big big difference like 8 times the difference right? So is my total phone plan and my hot spot add-on 50GB/20GB or 50Gb/20Gb?  I'm thinking its bits and not Bytes which would suck because they are advertising GB.  If it truly is Gb then its on the edge of being worth it, If its GB its well worth the price of admission.


              Thanks again



                • tmo_chris

                  Re: Hotspot speeds?

                  Thanks for clarifying!


                  To elaborate a bit more on GB vs Gb or bits vs bytes, we have to first understand that they are separate forms of measurement. GB (bytes) is a measurement of storage or usage where Gb (bits) is a measurement of bandwidth or speed. With our plans, we give users a total amount of usage per month based on the plan they choose and in your case, you get 20 GB of hotspot usage at the 4G LTE speeds. Now say there is a file you want to download that is 20GB, you will be able to download that entire file at 4G LTE speeds which are measured in Mb/s as you can see in our open internet policy. Once you have downloaded/streamed/uploaded data totaling 20 GB using your hotspot, your hotspot speeds are slowed down but you still have unlimited usage. You can continue to download/stream/upload files increasing your total amount of GB used but your speeds in Mb/s are slowed down.


                  Hope this helps.

                    • littlelion57

                      Re: Hotspot speeds?

                      Thanks for clarifying. I was just wanting to make sure between the B and

                      the b.


                      But lets be clear. 8 bits and 1 byte is the exact same thing, an amount of

                      data, no matter if you are storing it or transmitting it.  20GB and 160Gb

                      are the same amount of data on a hard drive.  160Gb/s and 20GB/s is the

                      same transmission speed   Standardization conventions make it Bytes for

                      storage devices and bits for transmission speeds.  You're just

                      differentiating between how much of it there is and how fast it being

                      transmitted.  If I splash 8 ounces or 1 cup of water on you it does not

                      matter how fast it got there its still 1 cup or 8 ounces, same thing.  So

                      yes you can measure how fast it got there but that was not my question. =P



                • morphlinqq

                  Re: Hotspot speeds?

                  actually you have high speed. I have used a kind of 2G for 5 years

                    • littlelion57

                      Re: Hotspot speeds?

                      If you look at the chart, High Speed Packet Access does not start until 3G HPSA which is somewhere between 385 Kbps and 7.2Mbps. Before I upgraded to 4G LTE hot spot speed was I only averaging 50kbps with an occasional 100k spike. And yes while that is technically 2G speed it is definatly not high speed anything,  It was so slow I could barely check my email and do online banking and sometimes it could not load those web pages without a few reloads. That's terrible speed.


                      Technically I am only getting 3G HSPA+ release 8 speed even though I upgraded to supposedly true 4G LTE on my hot spot.  Im not getting anywhere near 100Mb/s even when I am just on my phone and not using my hot spot.  So the telecom industry as a whole is not being truly honest with their customers, They tell you the name of the standard and blow it all out of proportion when in all reality you will never ever see even half the speed the standards are good for.  Yes the chart says theoretical speed I know.  But, I know 1 or 2 people that have got over 100Mb/s on 4G so the speeds are close.     


                      Point is is honesty, transparency and integrity are not hallmarks of the telecom industry as a whole I am not just picking on  T-Mobile.