LG G7 battery dies quicker after update to 9.0


    Anyone else having this problem or have a solution? I can feel my phone getting hot as well. It's already bad enough working outdoors in the Arizona heat but now, I have to use battery saver mode all day and limit my use, to get it to last me 8 hrs and have about 25% left. But even in the coolness of my home, I'll be on it for 15mins and it'll have dropped 11% and as mentioned before, it seems to heat up. It wasn't like this before the 9.0 update.

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      • hitherdread

        Sometimes after an update, the phone will use more power for a few days. But after that, it should go back to normal.

        Heat can, of course, cause battery loss as well.


        From my experiences with phones, only 3 things can cause a phone to heat up. First bad cell reception or bad Sim card. Then, of course, charging then phone and last a rouge app or just an app that hasn't received a proper update for your new OS upgrade.


        I always factory reset my phones after any upgrade. This lets me start out with a clean slate. I reinstall my apps an almost always every little issue is fixed. At least today resets are not as time-consuming as they used to be especially if you have your phone remember your apps sign-ins and passwords.


        Now if you still have the same issue after the reset, I would then call customer support for a replacement.



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        • tmo_amanda

          That AZ heat is no joke, slkphaz!  I have to agree with what hitherdread mentioned above -- have you had a chance to reset your phone after the update? That's usually my first recommendation if a device is acting up after a software update.  You can also take a look at other info on the device getting hot over here: Hot or overheating phone.