Post CSR call survey callbacks?


    Whenever I call T-Mobile's "Team of Experts" I get a text based survey following up on how well T-Mobile does. I don't think they're used to getting frank replies. I frequently get a callback from a supervisor about my survey response.


    In a recent case I called to report poor service in a specific location. The CSR did a good job looking up the location and informing that a nearby tower was out of service. I thanked her and ended the call. Got the survey and answered mostly positively. One question I always answer with a "5" is "Would you recommend T-Mobile to your friends". They seem to take this as a negative reflection on the CSR. I was asked what T-Mobile could do to "repair the relationship". I replied that there was nothing wrong with our relationship. My response was just a reflection of the reality that about half the people I know could not live with T-Mobile's coverage holes. I had to explain that until T-Mobile's coverage is equal to Verizon's, my response would continue to be about 5/10 and that it had nothing to do with the CSR because the question wasn't worded that way.


    Another question that they seem to get hung up on is how well the the CSR resolved my issue. In many cases the CSR can't resolve the issue but can only pass it on to someone else. If you answer this question objectively, you'd frequently score the CSR at 0. I have mentioned in the past that the survey is defective in this regard.


    So, how does T-Mobile use these text surveys? Do they understand that the questions may lead to results that don't reflect on the CSR?

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      • snn555

        Re: Post CSR call survey callbacks?

        I have never once received a survey after an interaction with my team of experts.


        But then I only use the chat feature and there are only two Representatives that work the chat line in my region. Neither one of them are especially helpful. They do always state that I might receive a survey never that I definitely will.


        I never even get one back for a Twitter interaction. I rarely call but when I do I get my regional team of experts but get transferred somewhere else which is definitely not my regional team.


        However I do see the problem with some of the questions and how they are worded and the options for answering.

        • syaoran

          Re: Post CSR call survey callbacks?

          I have had these and receive supervisor callbacks for similar reasons.  I don't mind the vallbacks but yeah.  Things beyond the reps ability is not the fault of the rep and whether or not I would recommend T-Mobile to a friend (7 or more) obviously depends on if my issue is resolved or not.  Again, I definitely appreciate these follow up though. 

          • tmo_chris

            Re: Post CSR call survey callbacks?



            It has been awhile since I was directly involved with those metrics but it is know that those results are an average for the CSR and that not all issues can be resolved in one call since they often have to be escalated. It is important to always be honest in your survey responses because that is what helps us improve! The CSR is not at risk if you mark them as not being able to resolve your issue unless they really didn't try and you tell the supervisor that when they call you back.

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