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    Does anyone know why tmobile hasn't released the update the new android update? At&t released their update earlier last month and t mobile has been in development for the last 6 months it shouldn't take that long since the active and the s8 are pretty much the same phone.

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      • magenta3779507

        Re: S8 active

        I would definitely try to root it prior to updating it! Then you can just install whatever. But you must do some research first. If you updated when it told you to last time, then you probably cannot root or unlock bootloader.


        Otherwise, good luck getting an answer on this one. The Active is an enigma. Much less support for it than others. Not enough sold to update maybe?

        • syaoran

          Re: S8 active

          All updates are pushed by Samsung for every firmware version.  You might want to try asking Samsung when the update will be available.

          • magenta3779507

            Re: S8 active

            Everything within the walled garden (Telecom Cliq) is a mystery tho. I personally don't want the update. Go XDA! Thank you Samsung for the Qualcomm baseband vulnerabilities. AT+OOPS

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: S8 active

              I curious what update you're talking about. I haven't seen anything recent, but I can totally check for you.

              • jakewilcox

                Re: S8 active

                I'm very mad at T-Mobile about this. I switched to T-Mobile in May and chose this phone specifically because the sales agent told me this phone would have pie within a couple of weeks. It still doesn't. I want my money back!

                • goldschlager78

                  Re: S8 active

                  I have a unlocked tmobile phone running at service...

                  I just got a push for the new os upgrade to pie

                  A few days ago...now my hotspot doesnt work.

                  Devices connect to my hotspot but without internet

                  Connection..hotspot work just fine before update

                  An setting changes I make to my phone automatically

                  Change back to default settings when my phone

                  Goes to sleep...what can I do to fix these major

                  Issues. Also I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S8 active

                  Any an all help would be greatly appreciated

                    • magenta3779507

                      Re: S8 active

                      Have you tried resetting your APN to default?

                      Also try the "mobile data always on"

                      Try downloading a third party hotspot/tethering app

                        • samsungactiveforme

                          Re: S8 active

                          This is not "directed" at you, and I appreciate the suggestions. Resetting APN did not help, Speed Test from Google shows a Latency of 43ms, which is nice and low, but also the speed is 0.68Mbps Down, 0.47Mbps Up! This is BROKEN after 9.0 Pie. Before 9.0, I was getting 20 - 35Mbps test results.


                          I suspect the modem code in Pie is broken, or something, but this is repeatable ever since Pie, and makes the Hotspot useless. I am also pretty sure that was T-Mobile's intent if they had any hand in Pie 9.0.


                          Getting a 3rd party app is not free, I want my INCLUDED Hot Spot to work correctly T-Mobile!