TMobile Digits: Why are secret questions required for login?


        Every time my computer reboots- and many times even when it doesn't- I open my T-Mobile Digits software and it forces me to not only login with my email address / password, and then to enter the answers to my two security questions. Its so inconvenient, its ludicrous. I've had to remember my 3rd grade teacher's lastname and childhood phone number probably 30 times in the last two weeks. This bloated user experience would not pass muster with any serious software company. What other serious website requires this level of security? If its good enough to sign me in to Gmail, with a decade of sensitive emails and hangouts conversatons, plus documents, hosting, and dozens of other connected services, why isn't it good enough for T-Mobile?


    At least make it an OPTION not a requirement to have this multi-factor security. Its truly making this tool completely unusable.

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