Incorrect roaming warning?


    I received this text today: "The majority of the recent T-Mobile usage on line xxx-xxxxxxx has been roaming internationally. Per our terms and conditions roaming benefits are not intended for extensive use abroad."


    I was abroad approx 1 month ago for 6 days and paid for the international 5GB pass.  I only used 3.2GB of the 5GB pass (total data that month was 7.9GB), only made 143 minutes of calls (total calls that month was 658 minutes) and only sent 9 text messages.


    I've called 611 a few times but no one seems to be able to figure out why I was sent the warning and I'm just being told to ignore it.  I don't really appreciate receiving a warning without justification, though, and the facts really don't add up here.


    Has anyone else had this situation before?

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