T-Mobile needs to fix their messaging and documentation re: advanced vs. universal profile


    This is really sad and very CARRIER like. If you visit the "Advanced Messaging" page here:


    Advanced Messaging


    You notice it has not updated in about a year (CARRIER-LIKE). When you click the links to the NEWEST phones, none of the tech specs listed by T-Mobile even identifies either type of profile (Advanced or Universal).


    Tmobile is like ANY carrier. There's no (un)carrier here when it comes to SMS/MMS with tmobile. They play to specific vendors and phones to boost those device sales. This prevents me from buying a cheap android from some questionable hardware manufacturer, installing android messages and getting a near iMessage experience.


    Google was slothy in the arrival of the realization that adding SMS to Hangouts was an approach that kep a lot of stuff in one place but it did not address the carrier side of things. Then Google birthed/Killed Allo. And then finally linking Duo to messages...


    So in Europe in a mater of DAYS Google rolled out Jibe to the 5 largest carriers. That does not make RCS a defacto standard (even though it is) because Apple is holding out their interoperability with RCS. This only works in apple's favor. The RCS "islands" by US carriers works in the favor or carriers who subsidize expensive phone on plans to their subscribers that are not apple devices.


    Before I switched from Sprint I had RCS on my galaxy (Sprint uses Jibe!). I'm in woe at the stone age of messaging on tmobile. Yes I have an s10, still not here. NO i will not use the stupid clunky samsung/tmobile app plus it doesn't matter since Tmobiles (vaporware) advanced messaging still doesn't work between carriers.


    If tmobile wanted to be the uncarrier they would one up their game. Sprint actually did this better than tmobile. go figure.


    We can start arguing universal versus advanced messaging though it's pointless because according to Tmobile a Universal profile is the (vapor) future for (vapor) devices. Everyone is asking tmobile for RCS profile universal and to connect to other darn carriers. Why they don't... they are no the UNcarrier they claim to be. Good marketing though.


    Hey T-Mobile! Stop being dinosaurs and connect to Jibe already!



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