Anyone using any North America Simple Choice Mobile Internet UNL Data plans?


    I originally had the one with 10GB 4G LTE and, when the high speed data ran out, the slower speed was still sufficient for web browsing etc.  So I downgraded to the 2GB 4G LTE plan assuming that when the high speed data ran out, the slower speed would be the same.  But instead, when the 2GB data ran out, the slower speed is so slow that it is effectively useless.  Is there something that I'm missing about the plan features?  I would assume that all the Simple Choice "unlimited" data plans would have the same speed after the high speed data has been used up.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey there!


        Is the 2GB plan also Simple Choice North America? I'm wondering if your old plan had a feature called Data Stash and when you ran out, you'd utilize that extra data. Are you able to run a speed test to see exactly how slow the data is once you run out of 2GB?

        • tmo_amanda

          Good morning, magenta9661022! Just swinging by to see if you still need help. If so, please take a look at my previous reply and get back to me.

            • magenta9661022

              Hi!  Yes, the 2GB plan is also Simple Choice North America.  Not sure about the Data Stash thing.  The internet speed test yielded 0.03 Mbps download and 0.14 Mbps upload, which is obviously completely useless.  I had to use a different network to load the speed test platform in my browser before switching back to t-mobile to run the test.  Additionally, the decibel levels of my cellular signal are all in the "excellent" signal range.  I have a cellular antenna on a mast 30ft up and a cellular signal booster to further amplify the incoming signal.  So I know the problem isn't with the signal.  Thanks for helping if you have any suggestions!  tmo_amanda

            • barcodeable

              HI have (three) North America Simple Choice 6GB Mobile Internet Plans and (two) North America Simple Choice 2GB Mobile Internet Plans. Previously I purposely used up all 4G data on my 6GB plan and my data slowed down. Did the same on my 2GB Plan.... and also speed slowed after the the 2GB was used up. I can’t distinguish whether it was slowed down to 3G or 2G speeds. The slowed speed was adequate enough to check email, stream videos online at 144p and to stream music online at low quality.


              I won’t be downgrading my 6GB Mobile Internet down to a 2GB Mobile Internet Plan due to this particular 6GB Mobile Internet Plan is no longer offered to new customers (We have been grandfathered in). Fortunately there are Simple Choice North America 2GB, 6GB, 10GB, 18GB, and I believe there is a 22GB Mobile Internet Plan available to new customers... but it’s not the same as what the grandfathered customers have.


              And also the speeds you are getting are relative to your device and location. Some devices have more frequencies than others that are paramount to having great coverage. I have one of my 6GB in an Alcatel tablet.... the other two 6GB plans in the ZTE HOTSPOT... MY ZTE Hotspot get better signal compared to my tablet. I’m in a horrible location.... but if I place my hotspot in my second floor window I can obtain 4BARS...  It would be silly to have to use my tablet “in the window”.... so cell coverage for my tablet may get 1 bar or edge coverage..... I rate my tablet coverage a D+ but I’m waiting for T-Mobile to make tower upgrades in my town.


              i was thinking...if you are not satisfied with your current 2GB Mobile Internet Plan... why don’t you just upgrade back to the 10GB plan... or even the 6GB Plan... you must have a minimum of 3GB to utilize the BingeOn feature.... and also check to make sure that the “Data Stash” feature is still there.... new customers are not offered the “Data Stash” feature.