Smart Watch Device & Plan for Kids


    Verizon offers a great plan where you can buy a simplistically functional smart watch for kids that really serves more of a role for tracking via GPS and two-way voice communications with your kid. It's a $10/mth add-on to your plan.  Please do something like this.  I think it's been mentioned in other threads but I don't know how to help make it happen but add more discussions and keep attention on it.


    My kid is far more important than brand loyalty to any mobile phone service and it's frankly the only thing that could tempt me to go with Verizon, but it frankly seems worth it.  I like T-Mobile Tuesdays - free Doritos Locos Tacos are great - but again, there is a tangible need for parents to have a service and device (or devices) like this.  It's important.  Thank you if you work there and are reading this.