Defective NEW phone and store that won't give me new one


    I bought a NEW Galaxy S10 on 6/21/19 from T-Mobile, Northport, NY and it was defective.  Brought it back on 7/3/19 and the T-mobile rep EDDIE M. tried to change some settings.  I was well within the 14 day "Buyers Remorse" time frame to get a new phone.   Rep EDDIE M. said "dont worry, if this doesnt work, we will waive the fees and get you a NEW PHONE".  His efforts did not work.  I went back in and he ordered me a NEW PHONE.   For some sketchy reason, the NEW PHONE could not be shipped to his store, so it was sent to another store for me to pick up.   When the phone came in, I asked the guy if it was new and he said "NO - it is warranty phone, so it is refurbished".  I told him not to open it that I was not taking it. 

    I called T-Mobile and they said I had to go back to Northport store.

    When I spoke with Eddie, he couldn't understand why this happed and assured me AGAIN, that I would be getting a new phone.  He'd spoke with his manager.  I was then stalled and brushed off for 2-3 weeks for one reason or another.

    I finally spoke to manager HATISH and was told they could NOT get me the NEW PHONE that I paid for, but they would give me a $100 credit and give me a REFURBISHED phone.


    I went back into Northport store on Saturday and spoke with Eddie M., who admitted he was the one that made the mistake, but that there was nothing he could do except offer me a refurbished phone.    AGAIN I ASK,  WHO WOULD ACCEPT A REFURBISHED PHONE 10 DAYS AFTER BUYING A BRAND NEW PHONE

    I have spoken to several customer service people who all say the same thing, "THEY ARE SORRY, BUT CANNOT GIVE ME THE PHONE I PAID FOR".

    Customer service says "The store has to rectify this situation" and the store says "Corporate wont let them give me a new replacement phone".

    Eddie will only give me his managers name, even though I asked to speak with his managers boss and customer service would not puit manager on the phone, just kept "checking with their manager".  It took me over an hour JUST TO GET the address for LEGAL DEPT.

    I am waiting for a call from the corporate legal office and if they will not help me, will have no choice but to bring them all to small claims court.

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