Switched plan to Military and lost hotspot


    Hi, I was encouraged to switch to the military plan to save money. I specifically asked if I was losing any benefits, I was told it was exactly the same plan, just cheaper since I was military.


    I find out later that my free hotspot is now only 3g when I had 4g.  If I recall, the free offer started with 10 gigs free, but was upped to 20 gigs at no extra charge.




    I just called 611, and the rep there told me it was 15 one charge for all my lines, I agreed to that, but then when they attempted to do it, they said no, they were wrong, its 15 per line or 60.


    Now, to have the same amount of hotspot  I am told I have to pay 15 per line on my four lines, or 60 to go to what is now called Tmobile one plus.


    My old plan I guess was the same as the  one plus, but the military plan is not.


    I appreciate the saving from the military plan, but I would like to get the free 4g  hotspot back.


    The rep told me it was the same when I switched and now a second rep told me it was only 15 total for all the lines. So... two reps gave me bad info.


    Anyone else have any satisfaction resolving this issue?


    The reps at 611 are nice, but they do not have capability to help.  Can someone at Tmobile  assist?

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