How to turn off Amber Alerts


    How do I turn off Amber Alerts on my Galaxy S7. Instructions on web site say to go to Devices Page, but there's no "Devices" heading on my Settings list!

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      • hmag

        Re: How to turn off Amber Alerts

        Click on Messages app

        Click on 3 dots

        Click on Settings

        Click on Emergency alert settings

        • terracotta333

          Re: How to turn off Amber Alerts

          Please try to follow the steps:


          Emergency alerts

          You can turn Emergency Alert messages on or off on your phone.


          1. From the Home screen, tap Messaging.
          2. Tap Menu > Settings > Emergency alerts.
          3. Enable or disable the following options
            • Presidential alert (set to always on and cannot be turned off)
            • Imminent extreme alert (ON/OFF)
            • Imminent severe alert (ON/OFF)
            • AMBER alerts (ON/OFF)
            • Alert sound (ON/OFF)
            • Alert vibration (ON/OFF)
            • Sound and/or vibration during calls (ON/OFF)


          Hope it resolved it all =)

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