how can I track my order without a phone number????


    So, here's the deal. I recently just joined T-Mobile as of... two days ago, I believe, and I purchased a phone. They didn't have the phone I wanted in stock, so I asked if there was a way to order it online and have it shipped it to the store-- so we did that. Everything's great and dandy, but since I don't have the new phone, I'm still technically on MetroPCS' service. I don't really have a problem with that-- I'll just use my old phone until I get the new one. That's not the issue. The issue is, I've been trying to track my phone so I know when it comes into the store, and I can't do that. The link in the email sent to me confirming my purchase is broken, and I can't track it through the app. Because in order to track my phone, I need a valid T-Mobile number.


    That's ridiculous.


    I tried calling customer support, and told them I just simply wanted to know when my phone was coming, and I was bounced around. I was put on hold four different times before I just ended up giving up, and the gentleman on the phone just hung up on me. I was literally asking "excuse me? Huh?" and he just hung up.I am becoming increasingly frustrated. I don't mean to have any disrespect, but this customer service has been below par and it's not been a good first impression at all for T-Mobile.


    TLDR; is there someone that can just. Literally. Simply. Tell me the status of my order. I have no idea if I should provide the tracking number in the OP, so if a moderator or a customer support representative could contact me and help me get this sorted out?

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