Get out of the red.


    I have used "get out of the red" before. I switched to T-Mobile when I was deployed, only because they were the only carrier that was there. When I returned home, I promptly switched back to Verizon. I am beginning to regret that decision, but I have a new phone that needs paying off and I don't want to dish out that much money all at once. My question is: If I return to T-Mobile, will I be allowed to take advantage of "get out of the red" again? I might also add that the last time I used it, it was only for a credit of around $90.

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      • gramps28

        Re: Get out of the red.

        It looks like it's a one time offer.





        This offer is for customers switching from Verizon who have never participated in our Carrier Freedom program in the past. Once you remain as an active T-Mobile customer for at least 15 days, you're eligible to receive reimbursement up to $650 (limited to five lines per account) via a virtual prepaid MasterCard. Only Verizon device payment plans will be reimbursed. Third-party device payment plans (such as Apple or Google Play Store) aren't eligible. And if you have an ETF as well, you can check out our Carrier Freedom™ program for options on reimbursement for that item.