Account and Billing Prices Vary for my account and I just paid off a device today.


    Hello again, I just paid off 1 of 2 devices on my account (and this a long, long, awful story in itself). And I made sure it was an installment payment and again I paid IN FULL, TODAY. This device is still showing up on my billing that is due on the 25th and I paid 1 of 2 devices today. The device payment is factored into this months bill, which I have not paid yet but I did PAY IN FULL for said device today. I want to know why my bill is 137 instead of the 111 that is posted in my ACCOUNT tab. Would love it if someone could get back to me, soon. Should I suspend my autopay? I really don't think I should be paying payments on a device that is fully paid for according to my account.

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