T-Mobile One roaming does not work in France on Samsung Galaxy


    I just came back to the US from a trip to Europe.   In Belgium, UK, and the Netherlands T-Mobile One data roaming works without any problem, however in France (Paris specifically) there is no data connection, even though the signal bars were strong, and the network name SFR (or something like that) clearly shown on the phone.   When I look in the phone settings, there was no IP address assigned from the network provider.   My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S6.   Interestingly my wife's phone, an iPhone 8 and on the same T-Mobile plan, does not have any problem whatsoever.    Another person in our group whose phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9 and also on T-Mobile has the same data connectivity issue while in France.


    Let me reemphasize that it was not a problem of slow connectivity while in France, rather data connectivity does not work at all even after shut down and restart the phone at least twice.   For troubleshooting, I took the SIM card from my wife's iPhone and temporarily put it in my Samsung S6 phone and that established the data connectivity.   When I put my own SIM card back, there is again no data connectivity.   But I doubt my SIM card is bad, because when I got back to the US, it works just fine, and prior to arriving in France, it also works in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.   So I think the problem might lie somewhere in the automatic SIM set up or provisioning phase by the network for Samsung Galaxy phones when we arrived in France.


    Anyone else using Galaxy phone having the same problem?   Is my SIM card defective?  What I could have done while in France to resolve the problem?

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