T-Mobile store change my account without my authorization


    Just hands up in what happens to me.

    About a year ago I went to a T-mobile store to jump my wife’s apple watch to the new model. The salesperson somehow removed my protection plan without my knowledge and I only discovered yesterday because I went to Apple Store for simple repair and they told me I don't have Apple care on that device.

    I called customer service, and they told me because it have been a long time they can not do anything. Because it's a small amount ($12)

    monthly, I do have auto pay and the T-mobile bill always have variation. I didn't notice until Apple told me about.

    I will try one more time by going back to the store and talk with the manager but if no results probably will be my way back to AT&T because I lost my trust on T-Mobile after this situation.

    So be careful when you upgrade any device.

    If anyone got into this problem before I will appreciate if you share your thoughts.

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      • magenta2810687

        Honestly if you noticed your bill dropped for over a year, because logically speaking, if you upgrade your watch to the newer one, it's usually a few dollars more monthly or the same price depending when you bought it in-line when apple rolls out new ones, because apple lowers the MRC of the previous model usually by $100. If your bill remained the same if not a few dollars more, then that's to be expected. If it's less than that, I mean you had a year to basically view that. Also the primary account holder gets a text whenever p360 is removed, you also receive a letter in the mail. No sense in pointing fingers a year after the fact that this supposedly transaction happened.