Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Unlocked Features Lost?


    What features if any are lost if using an unlocked version vs the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy Note 10+? Thanks.

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      • tmo_chris

        So the biggest are gonna be T-Mobile WiFi calling. Not sure where you live or if you planned on using this service but it is not supported on non T-Mobile branded devices. 

        • sdahri

          Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Unlocked Features Lost?

          According to Samsung wifi calling is built in to the software rom.  The only thing missing will be TMobile Branding.

          • deexii

            WiFi calling works fine on unlocked devices. (I use it and can confirm)

            VoLTE / RCS are the only two things that really do not work properly on unlocked devices.


            This can be easily fixed for a power user by changing the CSC to TMB.

            This will make it so you have the unlocked U1 firmware (software) but still have T-Mobile branding and RCS/VoLTE.

            T-Mobile Wifi calling has worked natively on unlocked devices since the Note 8.


            Also, since Note 8, unlocked USA devices are the same exact devices as carrier-branded devices.

            So you can also just flash the T-Mobile android firmware and essentially make the Unlocked phone a T-Mobile phone.

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              • rjer34

                Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Unlocked Features Lost?

                I have an unlocked samsung note 10 plus and I'm unable to see read reports and the delivery reports come as pop ups instead of at the bottom on the text message bubble. Also I can't see the dots when someone's typing a message back...Is there a fix for this???

                  • deexii

                    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Unlocked Features Lost?

                    The N976U1 or any Unlocked U1 Samsung phone cannot do RCS (advanced messaging) out of the box. However with that said the T-Mobile branded N975U locked phones is the exact same hardware as the unlocked U1 phones. Because of this you can flash the N975U software on to your phone and the RCS (advanced messaging) features will work.

                    This will keep your phone unlocked.


                    There I'll be some T-Mobile software on the phone but it can disabled with some apps.

                • guillermoeduardoortega-ibarra

                  To be honest I haven't fun the rite answer so I just flash my unlock note 10 plus to tmo software

                  • vader860

                    Having had the phone, unlocked from samsung I had poor mobile data in places where it was at least 3 bars.


                    Wifi calling was there. But the t-mobile video calling was not.


                    I ended up flashing the t-mobile firmware and all of these issues are gone.

                    • prezendes

                      I just ordered the 512GB model unlocked direct from Samsung. Its a great deal right now. They give you $200 to spend on accessories for free. I got the new Galaxy buds and a LED wallet case free. Total shipped only $1200. Flashing the TMO rom is simple. You just need to use the app called Samfirm to get the TMO rom and then Odin3 to update the phone. I did it with my S9 Plus and it became exactly like the branded one, only unlocked.

                        • rchiwawa

                          The main reason why I bought the Note 10+ from Samsung was the god awful tmobile jingle that plays every reboot.  If I do as you've suggested, will it bring back that crappy jingle?  I would rather lose VoLTE and even RCS if it meant I didn't have to hear it whenever I power cycle my device.

                            • deexii

                              Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Unlocked Features Lost?

                              This is the silliest comment in the thread so far. How does it make sense to give up two advanced technologies for a splash screen you seen every once in a while. VoLTE allows for advanced voice. But not only that since it goes by way of LTE, if you use the internet while on a call via tethering or browser, the connection stays on LTE. If you do not use VoLTE then the connection switches over to a regular 4G connection.


                              Regarding RCS: Not only does RCS allow for cool features like read receipts and typing notifications, but it also allows for larger resolution photos and longer/higher quality video via text.


                              Why would you want to give all that up over a splash screen seen rarely lol.


                              If anything this post will help others.

                                • guillermoeduardoortega-ibarra

                                  Okay don't make sense my unlock note. Works fine on volte... And yeah rcs it's a big deal but can leave with out it I can always used Facebook messenger

                                  • rchiwawa

                                    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Unlocked Features Lost?

                                    Well I couldn't possibly care about VoLTE and so far as RCS goes; yeah, it's cool, but all I care about at the end of the day are plain-Jane texts.  What I do care about is working in an environment where several times a day I must restart my phone, along with all other co-workers who have T-Mo because of an ongoing issue we have all called in and for which there has to have been 2 dozen network tickets and no resolution.  If we do not, texts work, cell calls work, but despite showing four to five bars of 4G LTE service, our data will just randomly stop, collectively.


                                    Since it has been about two years of this I have given up hope and something about the every hour to two hour procession of 6 phones all making the same noise has just gotten to be grating.  It also got me thinking of my Verizon and AT&T service days, neither carry of which subjected me to a boot tone that amounts to free marketing. Athough in one sense, it is nice to know when it is time to restart because someone's device will chime but to me. it is an annoyance ultimately I start questioning my reasons for staying with T-Mobile.  Particularly so when even Sprint with 2-3 bars out performs in consistency and often speed in the exact same rooms.


                                    So now that you have some context I'll go ahead and thank you for your "value added" commentary.

                              • abousidi1975

                                Wow I should consider myself lucky that the little thingsthings in life don't bother me. Aside I love thethe T-Mobile chime. That's life...