Does TMO reward customer loyalty? - NO Wayyyy


    I have been a TMO customer for several years.  In the UK, TMO rewarded long time customers with things like a free phone or reduced rate sim card.  Here, they only care about ONE thing - getting new customers.  Their business model does not include customer retention. Also, why should you get 2 phones when you only need one??


    I have spent hours on the phone with customer service and just been tossed around by them left, right and center - more like a ploy to frustrate the client.  Who has hours to spend and get NO result?


    I am sure several long-term customers are feeling the same.

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      • gramps28

        I've been with Tmobile since 2005 and I'm happy with the way things are now.


        No contracts that tie the phone to the plan, I'm on the 55+ plan and pay $60 a month for

        unlimited talk, text and data and if I want a new phone , I'm not tied down to owning a Tmobile

        branded phone.

        • smplyunprdctble

          I agree with both of you.


          I have been upset for years that there's no promos for those of us single people to take advantage of.  I don't want to add a line and pay for that as well to get a BOGO device.  I just don't like any family members that aren't already on my plan enough to bring them in.


          But, at the same time, I haven't bought a branded phone for the last four devices I've owned.  Again, still haven't been able to take advantage of any BOGO deals, but, I've managed to get other perks as part of the purchases (like free Google Home Mini or Google Play promo credits).


          The feedback of the fact they don't offer things for single-line folk has been brought up in a different thread I've seen recently where they asked about good and bad of where they are now vs where they were a few years ago.  I don't know if anything will ever come of it.  But, for me, I probably won't own another branded phone unless I'm in a huge bind with a dead device and don't want to wait the three days to get a replacement one I really want (which ALMOST happened a year and a half ago, but, I had a backup device available to tide me over... except, Pokemon Go didn't run on it.  I was seriously jonsing those few days).

            • js1234

              T is a company of ups and downs. When they're good, they're very good. Whey they are bad, they're horrid.


              Right now, there is a BOGO offer for the LG G8 ThinQ. The FAQ is explicit in saying that I do not have to buy another line to be eligible for this offer. "Why do I have to buy another line? YOU DON'T..." But, of course, I do need to buy another line since I only have one voice line.


              I spent a half a hour on the phone trying to buy this phone as BOGO. After wasting all that time, the phone rep pointed a couple of questions further down as proof that I needed two lines, in an answer that can be interpreted to mean I need either a personal line or two business lines.


              I asked a couple of questions early on. "Will this phone work in Europe and Australia?" The phone guy started saying I could get the phone unlocked after 30 days, but they really wanted 45. ??? I also asked if the phone would have band 14 after it is unlocked. "Yes" he said.


              After finding out that this BOGO wasn't going to happen, I went to Amazon and bought the same phone for $200 less than T wanted to charge me. In the band listing, of course, was no band 14. I pointed this out to phone guy and he said, "oh, no, the G8 doesn't have that, but we have a mumble mumble that does..."


              I finished the call. About 30 seconds later the phone I called them on rang. It can't be, can it? Sure enough, it was the same guy calling me back wanting to verify my understanding of the BOGO offer yada yada. Well, he says it wasn't him before, but it was the same voice. I pointed out that he is now harassing me over the buying decision because I didn't buy the phone from T. I told him I wanted to talk to his supervisor. He claimed he IS a supervisor. I told him I wanted to talk to HIS supervisor. He hemmed and hawed and put me on hold. Clearly that wasn't going to happen.


              So, T is currently in horrid mode. False information on the web shopping site. False information from the phone sales person. Harassment when you don't actually buy the phone from them. Failure to allow a customer to talk to a supervisor.


              As I told the phone guy who pretended to be a supervisor, the surest way to keep me from doing another 24 months -- the goal of the installment plan for the BOGO phones -- is to put false information on the web, lie about the phone's capabilities, harass me about not buying when I find out about the first two failures, and refuse to forward me to a supervisor when I request it. Now, probably, I won't leave over this, but it sure doesn't help me feel good about staying. In fact, the reason I asked about Band 14 is that I can get, or am supposed to get, a good deal from AT&T as a First Net participant. The main reason I didn't already sign up is the need to buy a new phone. I need to buy a new phone anyway, so ... T Mobile, are you listening?