I'm only getting 2 bars on my brand new BYOD Samsung Note 8. Help!


    I upgraded my phone from the Samsung J7 to the Note 8. I bought the new phone on Amazon, unlocked and new in box, for considerably less than it would have been in the T-mobile store. Silly me but I believed the hype from the BYOD promotion and thought that it would be just the same as bringing a new phone to the network. The Note 8 came with AT&T software loaded and, had I known I'd have this much trouble with it, I would have exchanged it for a T-mobile branded one.


    I had no problems loading my apps and transferring over my SIM card. The new phone works functions just fine. I just noticed that I never get more than 2 bars on the cellular network. If I take out the SIM and put it back in my old phone, I get 4 bars so it's not the SIM. If I put the AT&T SIM in that came with the new phone, I get 4 bars so it's not a problem with the new phone.


    I took the phone to the T-mobile store and the technician told me that phones are manufactured for specific networks -- it is a hardware issue -- and my new GSM phone will never work as good as a Note 8 that I had purchased directly from T-mobile store. I say that's bull*&^$! Samsung isn't going to make a GSM phone for AT&T, and another for T-mobile and another for Orange. They might have different firmware/software versions but the hardware itself is going to be the same. What I think is happening is that my phone isn't being recognized as T-mobile's and I'm getting a lower tier of service as a result.


    I've been a T-mobile customer for over 15 years but I'm seriously looking at just going to AT&T. Getting another new phone is not an option. I use my cell when I'm traveling to Florida and I need it to be reliable. If there isn't any setting that can be configured so that T-mobile treats my phone as one of theirs, I'm out of here.


    My APN settings are:

    T-Mobile US LTE :

    APN                                    fast.t-mobile.com

    MMSC                              http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc

    MCC                                   310

    MNC                                   260

    APN Type                         default,mms,supl

    APN Protocol                    IPv6

    APN Roaming Protocol     IPv4

    Bearer                              LTE

    Mobile virtual Network operator type     None


    Any suggestions for what might be the problem and how I fix it? TIA!

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