Seattle's South Lake Union Neighborhood - Network Improvements?


    I've been a T-Mobile customer for about 5 years, always on an iPhone of some sort.  I always knew the T-mobile network was always spotty around the 5 freeway corridor around downtown and Capital Hill.  However, now that I work in South Lake Union near Mercer x Westlake and catch my bus at Fairview x Harrison, I the connectivity problem exists in much of South Lake Union, the whole area between the 99 and Fairview. I've mentioned it to a few people who've all said T-Mobile was notorious as one of the worst networks in the area.  I used to work in downtown Seattle that had more or less full service, even amid much tall buildings than SLU.


    I get one bar at work and up to 2 bars on the street, although most of the time, data still doesn't move with two bars. It's become difficult being a T-Mobile customer since I spent most of my day in the area. 


    I was wondering if T-Mobile had any plans to improve its service to South Lake Union. It would be great news! Thanks!

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