I am new to T-Mobile. I am using DIGITS for PC access to texting. but messages sent on PC do not show up on phone (Samsung Galaxy A10e), and vice versa. How do I get these two devices to sync? (I suspect same issue will occur with Samsung Galaxy Tablet once I put DIGITS on there.) Thanks!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: DIGITS sync

        Hmm, has it always been this way? Are you using the PC application or going to the web browsers? If you're using the apps for both the PC and the phone, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

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        • dle313

          Re: DIGITS sync

          Thanks, tmo_mike_c. I had to do as you suggested but meantime I don't like the DIGITS app. Will be looking for an alternative.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: DIGITS sync

              Oh, okay. Did the uninstall/reinstall work for you? Also, are you looking for an alternative for DIGITS because of a feature you need or because it's been giving trouble?

                • dle313

                  Re: DIGITS sync

                  Wow - thanks for your interest in helping me!  So, here's the story: I just

                  switched from Verizon to T Mobile and lost Verizon Messaging + which

                  allowed me to text from my phone (it was a MotoG5, and now I have a Samsung

                  A10e), my tablet (Galaxy Tab A) and my computer(Lenova IdeaPadS340, also



                  With T Mobile's/Samsung's "on board" messaging app, I can't use my PC or

                  tablet unless I use DIGITS. I had it for a while, and didn't like that when

                  I'd get a call, the phone on my computer would ring. If I turned the ringer

                  sound off, I'd miss the call. Also, I didn't like the formatting of the

                  text messages on the phone.


                  I've tried Google messages, but it is not compatible with my tablet or pc.

                  I've tried several others, but again, incompatible with one or another



                  I think I"m "stuck" with DIGITS for now. I will try to go to the settings

                  and see if I can configure it in a more "friendly" way.


                  Do you mind being a resource if I have questions as I do this? If not

                  totally fine.


                  Thanks again...




                    • sweetpeach

                      Re: DIGITS sync

                      Seems like you're using Android & Windows, have you considered Hangouts/Duo? I know they sync with your PC (Linux or Windows)  as long as you're logged to your Google account.

                        • dle313

                          Re: DIGITS sync

                          Thanks. I have Duo my phone but it's not for texting which is what I want

                          to do.


                          I think I've got DIGITS worked out. ....  for now  

                            • sweetpeach

                              Re: DIGITS sync

                              Hangouts does both and there's a option for Hangouts to become your default texting app.

                                • xt3rm1n8r

                                  Re: DIGITS sync

                                  I'm pretty certain Hangouts phased out SMS support for all but Google Voice and Google Fi a while back. That's what brought me to Digits as a new T-Mobile user. There is Messages by Google, but this uses your phone as a gateway to these interactions. If you want to use other devices without using your phone as a proxy device, I think Digits is currently the only practical option at this time.