Loyalty let down


    I have been with Tmobile just a year shy of 20 years yes TWENTY and loyalty has been subpar. Insurance sent me a broken phone and then to do a warranty exchange tmobile got the wrong device. The people over the phone had nothing to offer for both mishaps. When before this company was more than accommodating. Worried about my future with this company. Otherwise it has been a great 19 years!

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      • syaoran

        Re: Loyalty let down

        All of these device insurance companies are terrible!  In most cases, they are hoping that the person is just happy to have a working device. 


        Reach out to T-Force through Facebook or Twitter about the lack of loyalty and issues with your replacement device. 

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        • barcodeable

          Re: Loyalty let down

          That’s exactly how my son would rectify such a situation as you stated... send people broken merchandise or send wrong items on purpose....and he’s 5 years old In 1st Grade.


          I never get insurance for my phones due to problems like this. Sounds like too much of a hassle for me. I would rather just waste hundreds of dollars purchasing another phone then to get insurance.... but for the past several years I have been holding on to my out of date devices.... still have my Samsung note 3 and my Samsung Avant...lol.... not planning on getting nothing until these ridiculous prices of phones begin to decline. .... $1,000+ for a new phone.... yeah right....  I’m not sure who set this standard for $thousand dollar phones.... sorry, but I’m not buying..... I am not the one that need to keep up with the Jones’s....