My account page does not show when my prepaid credit expires. Sneaky.


    Before the website redesign, it would show the exact date my credit expires.


    Under the current website, it no longer tells me when my credit expires.


    People will not know when to renew their account, and lose legacy grandfathered status because you removed this very important piece of information.


    This is very sneaky. Is Tmobile trying to get people off the PAYG legacy plan?



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      • barcodeable

        I doubt T-Mobile purposely removed the expiration date in order to get you off of your legacy grandfathered plan. I believe the expiration date was removed due to one of T-Mobile customers traveling to the future and convincing the old future CEO of T-Mobile that the next uncarrier event should get rid of expiration dates... and that’s why the expiration dates have vanished from the past, which is our present... and thus this “missing expiration date“ is a gift.


        or maybe you are right... T-Mobile concocted a plan to get you off of your current grandfathered plan due to a so-called “computer error”.... T-Mobile management are geniuses, that’s the perfect way to remove the grandfathered legacy plans !


        Who can you trust if you can’t trust T-Mobile .


        Contact T-Mobile and find out from them when your expiration date is.... and add money more frequently in the meantime so their uncarrier tricks won’t trick you.

        • tmo_amanda

          Hmmm...I'm not too sure why the expiration date is no longer showing, but I'm happy to pass this info along to our prepaid team to see what's going on with the change.