Does T-Mobile care when sales reps make mistakes?


    This past Sunday I went to a store to get a phone as a birthday gift for my daughter. She was very specific about wanting the Note 10 in aura glow. Unfortunately the store nor any other stores nearby had that color. So we ended up calling corporate to place the order. The phone sales rep assured me they had it in stock. So we placed an order for 2 phone, one note 10 + in aura white and another one in aura glow for my daughter. So far so good the rep was courteous and helpful. The day before of the delivery I noticed that none of the emails i received mentioned a phone in aura glow. So i called T-Mobile around 5 am and they confirmed that the phones sent out where in fact both aura white. The customer service agent assured me someone would get in touch with me to resolve the issue. After not hearing anything back I decided to call back for a follow-up. After a long discussion i was given the option of ordering  another phone in the color i initially asked for  (paying again mind you) and then getting a credit for the incorrect phone that was sent to me after T-Mobile receives it from me. The packages have been delivered this afternoon and they are sitting on the kitchen counter-top. Is the moral of the story to never order from corporate or online because T-Mobile does not take accountability when sales reps make mistakes? So should we only buy devices from physical retail store to ensure we have receive the correct order?

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