Is this something possible to set up this way?




    When my phone receives a text/mms, I believe it goes through some third-party to determine whether it is likely spam or not....if it thinks the message is likely spam, it would be going to be rejected....What I am curious is that is there any way at my end that I could add set up a sort of whitelist? I meant...

    Let's say, for example, I know the fact is that text message/or mms coming from 123-456-7890 or even is NOT a spam. So I could set up those list so that anything coming from those whitelist should not be filtered out so that I can receive it....Is this something possible somehow?



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      • drnewcomb2

        This isn't exactly what you're looking for but it used to be (long long ago) that T-Mobile had something called "Text E-Mail Services".(?) This was a webpage where you could customize your text-to-email experience. You could tell it to discard all e-mails addressed to your Assign your phone an e-mail alias (e.g. and assign short aliases to your frequently used outbound contacts. This was back before GPRS when you otherwise had to have a separate data line to use e-mail on a phone. They discontinued the service a long time ago. It didn't impact pure text messages, just the text-to-email service.


        I don't know of any way to whitelist text addresses on an account-by-account basis. It seems to be handled on a network-wide basis.

        • tmo_chris

          So what drnewcomb2 mentioned is something that we had supported in the past but no longer As for filtering text messages, the closest thing we have to that is our Family Allowance feature which is a paid feature and you have to be on a family plan for it to work.