My phone randomly shuts off + more...


    When I was watching Netflix on my phone, my phone turned off out of nowhere. So, I tried pressing the power button and it didn't work. I had to search up ways to get it to turn back on and one of the ways was to hold down the "power button, home button, and volume button" all at the same time. I did that and it worked and then a notification popped up saying I had a voice mail. That was the first time I had to use all of those buttons at the same time but it wasn't the first time my phone randomly turned off. There were about five or more other times where my phone would restart out of nowhere and then I'd have to turn it back on and AGAIN there were more notifications of voice mails. I don't even know any of these people that leave voice mails and in my settings I turned the button on for me to not get any calls from unknown numbers (I still get calls from unknown numbers even with that setting on) so I shouldn't have the voice mail in the first place but yeah.


    Please help me with that. I don't want my phone to randomly "shut off / restart" and have voice mails popping up in notifications. I was always watching Netflix when it would happen.

      • snn555

        Re: My phone randomly shuts off + more...

        Tell us what make and model of phone you were using. It sounds as if it's getting too hot and shutting itself off. video and screen time really put a taxation on battery and hardware and really increases heat generation.


        As far as the voicemails go I can't really answer that. If you didn't have voicemails before it shut off but you did afterwards that doesn't make much sense to me either.