Great Injustice Done Against me!


    After 15 years of being a loyal customer with flawless pay history, due to the reception problems around my new home I had no choice but to look for other options so, I have decided to give AT&T a shot. On August 20, 2018 I've called the customer service, explained the situation and cancelled my service. I asked her what my final balance was and made the payment over the phone and I was assured many times by the rep that the account was closed and there were no more pending charges, Since I had no contract with t mobile or equipment from t mobile, I have paid what I was told and moved on. Of course I have all my credit card statements to prove each and every payment made. Since then I have received no e-bills like I usually did every month, no emails, no phone calls or a paper bill from t mobile, not to mention my credit card they had on file. Done deal, so I thought until my credit monitoring service alerted me in the middle of the night informing me that I was sent to Amsher collection agency by t mobile. I am a 50 year old man with flawless credit history, never ever in my life had a collection account on my credit and I can not describe how frustrated and disappointed I am with t mobile at this point. I am hoping some one here could help me fix this mistake and get my file pulled out of collection agency today. Thank you for your help...

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        Re: Great Injustice Done Against me!

        You can try to work with T-Mobile's finance department however usually when an account is sent to a collections agency that agency has bought the debt from T-Mobile and will try to recoup that debt from the customer.


        You can also file a dispute with the credit bureaus as you try to work with T-Mobile and the collection agency.


        also this is a user to user or customer forum. No one here including T-Mobile employees has any access to your account. You would have to speak with T-Mobile through social media or by calling direct.