Being a T-mobile *Business* is an AWFUL experience. Any plans to improve?


    Being a T-mobile *Business* is an absolutely AWFUL experience: all online actions (upgrading phones, updating data and plans,...) are blocked "for security reasons". Any plans to improve?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey there!


        Welcome to our Support Community! I'm not super familiar with what MyT-Mobile looks like on a business account, but I know there are different restrictions in place. I'm wondering if it's due to your MyT-Mobile permissions. Are you the primary contact on the business account?

        • 7605545289

          I have had this issue for more than a year, and have had many chats with customer service trying to determine WHY I can't buy a device or add a line.


          The website gives vague and useless error messages.  When it would be much easier if it just responded "We are sorry, this is not available to Business Accounts?


          After 15 months of trying, YESTERDAY, a customer support rep told me it was a "Business Plan Issue"


          Having to spend time in a phone call or worse, go to a physical store - does not make for a happy business customer.


          To Amanda:  Yes I am the primary contact.  If there are permission that would resolve this, I would hope that CS would know of them ...