wifi calling button missing  on Galaxy J7 running android 9


    So, I wanted to turn on the Wifi calling on my Galaxy J7.  It was there before the most recent update but now, it's nowhere to be found!  Tried setting/connections etc.  Tried also looking in the phone app settings but the option to turn on the Wifi calling is just missing.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I'm not a prepaid customer and I had the option before the big upgrade to android 9 so I certainly can't explain this.  Is there anywhere else they may have hidden this button?  Thanks

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      • tmo_lauren

        That's wild!


        Are you using a T-Mobile version of the device, or third party unlocked?



        • mission2090

          I have to say TMobile is becoming screwy. The TMobile agents are not doing anything. They keep saying they talked to Samsung. Well, where is the result?? Is it time to change phone company? I tried everything to bring back 'wife calling' without success. Some heads either from TMobile or Samsung have to roll! I hope TMobile CEO hear about this soon!

          • carolc

            Hi everyone, I am overseas and I have not been available to use my plan here. I called tmobile and they transfered me to a samsung agent. I installed a remote app and she cant resolve it. She told me she can send me a label to ship my cellphone to them but it is imposible because I am not in USA. I tried everything and nothing works.. I cant believe I need to buy an unlocked  cellphone here to use my tmobile line. Why do I need to assume this expense? No fair

              • mission2090

                This thread is about 'wifi calling' button disappearing from phone after the Pie update.

                When I go to Dominican Republic, my TMobile phone automatically gets conneted to local phone company (Altice). I text free to U.S.  back and forth. But since this update, I don't think I can use free over sea wifi calling anymore from Dominican Republic (wifi calling app simply disappeared). I've been trying to resolve this BIG PROBLEM with TMobile but no one seems to have a solution.

                I am confused about your issue. What country are you in?? I presume you have TMobile SIM card, turned off the Airplane Mode, connected to local wifi. Did you update the firmware lately?? That's when y problem started. Do you see wifi calling and toggle on and off???

              • pjgreen1

                I'm just another user who lost Wifi calling.  Samsung Galaxy J7 Star with Android 9.  At connection settings, I can search for Wifi calling and get a response.  I can enable it, but it only shows up as a grayed-out (actually light blue) icon and I can't turn it on.  Of course I have very strong wifi.  When I initiated my service, it worked.  Now I cannot make calls from my house because I live in a remote area.  Here's the crazy thing.  My wife has the exact same phone but not a re-purchased unlocked phone and she has service here.  I spent 72 minutes with T-mobile support on the phone and 30 minutes in a T-mobile store.  Nothing fixed it.  I guess I will have to change my service.  I was pleased with T-Mobile for about 3 months until I couldn't make calls from my own house.

                  • mission2090

                    Yeap, I tried everything; spent hours and hours.  Tmobile agents didn't

                    even know what i was talking about. S##t! Only thing I haven't tried is

                    flashing the Pie update back to Oreo using Odin, but i didn't want to

                    hassle with it. I bought a new phone and changed tmobile to At-t. My wi-fi

                    calling is working with the new Galaxy sm-A505GN/DS ($280 at Ebay; 6gig

                    rom, whopping 128gig internal memory). At-t were great talking me as their

                    customer from screwy Tmobile.

                      • numberer6

                        The problem is Android 9 on the Samsung J737T (in my case), absolutely. I bought 3 J737T phones, all unlocked, off eBay. They were all running Android 8. WiFi calling worked perfectly until I upgraded to Android 9. Two of these phones are running Android 9, the third I'm holding back to Android 8. Both 9 phones have the greyed out blue WiFi icon. You can go into the WiFi calling app, delete the cache and app data and that then makes the icon be solid blue. You then see the "enble WiFi calling" toggle for the app. But it does not fix WiFi calling. I put the SIM card from my J737T running Android 9 into the phone running Android 8, and magic, WiFi calling works. I put my same SIM card into my wife's Galaxy phone (J700 I believe) running Android 7.1, and WiFi calling worked. I've even done a full factory default reset on the 9 phone, yet WiFi calling still does not work. It is not the carrier's fault, it is Android 9, period . I've gone around in circles between T-Mobile (former carrier) MintMobile (current carrier) and Samsung. They all blame the the other. From my investigation, it is clear: WiFi calling does not work on anything newer than Android 8 on a Galaxy 7 Star. I need this feature, as at work we have great WiFi, but really poor cellular coverage. I've just given up and run Signal to talk with friends and co-workers over WiFi.

                          • bawcior

                            December update did not fix the wifi calling issue, still cannot enable wifi calling. Clearing app cache & data doesn't help

                              • mission2090

                                I am not sure when and who (TMobile or Samsung) will fix this issue, wifi

                                calling disappearing. As I wrote earlier I just bought a new phone Samsung

                                Galaxy sm-A505GN/DS $280 at EBay. This is a fantastic phone; it has 128 gig

                                memory! Dual sim card for my over sea travel. It has all the band frequency

                                around the world. 6 gig rom. And of course wifi-calling and also it has

                                VoLTE to make phone calls over 4 G. I kept TMobile and it works just fine.

                                This Galaxy has a whole bunch of different models, A10, A20, A30, A50,

                                F,G,GN,W,U,etc. Make sure you get "GN" model to get all the band width. You

                                don't need to use Double Sim (DS). So instead of going through this

                                wifi-calling disappearing emotional stress and seeing a therapist, just buy

                                a new phone and give J7 to your brother (I gave mine to my brother. He

                                couldn't be careless about wi-fi calling).

                                  • numberer6

                                    Lost in the discussion is what version of Android WiFi calling was broken. In my case, I did a lot of experimentation between 3 identical Samsung J737T phones. Android 8, WiFi calling worked. My wife's J700 running Android 7.1, WiFi calling worked. Both of my J737T phones running Android 9, WiFi calling DID NOT WORK. I was using the same SIM card between these devices during this testing. It is clear that Android 9 broke this feature.


                                    You can fully backup your phone, then look for how to revert the firmware back to Android 8, and restore your backup. This is highly experimental, and may "break" your phone, as the 9 backup may not be fully compatible with the 8 firmware. Theoretically possible, but I don't recommend this approach.


                                    I do recommend installing "SignalApp" aka "Signal" from the Google Play Store. This will allow you to make WiFi calls, and gives you the added bonus of strong encryption. This does require the person you are calling to also install Signal. However, the privacy this app provides, one wonders why everyone is not already using Signal.

                                      • mission2090

                                        I agree with back flashing firmware; it might just 'brick' the phone making

                                        it totally broken. I just bought a new phone and using wifi calling from



                                        So question is, is it samsung or tmobile. I say the final burden should be

                                        on tmobile, not samsung.


                                        Sent from my U.S. Cell Phone.

                                          • numberer6

                                            I am on MintMobile now. My understanding is they are a 2nd tier carrier that uses T-Mobile cellular resources. I never had a data plan with T-Mobile. All my Android 7, 8, 9 WiFi calling tests have been with MintMobile, with whom I do have a data plan. I swapped my MintMobile SIM card between different devices running these different Android versions. The common denominator was the version of Android. WiFi calling does not work on Android 9 devices. You can get "close" by searching for the "WiFi Calling" app in the Settings app, then Clear data and Clear cache. After doing this, you can swipe down the main settings page (where WiFi is present), and press "WiFi Calling". The enable WiFi Calling toggle can now be accessed. But, this does not work. You do not see the WiFi "radio lines" on the Phone app.


                                            I believe Samsung creates updates for their phones which T-Mobile pushes. The early December update did not fix this feature. I've only heard "crickets chirping" in the background when asking T-Mobile or Samsung "when will WiFi calling be fixed". Silence. It would be nice if either organization acknowledged  this is a know bug, and will either be fixed by XX.NNN update, or they have no intention of fixing WiFi calling. Ignoring this problem, or being non-responsive is unacceptable. Buying a new phone to access this feature is also an unacceptable resolution. However, this my be a deliberate  "ploy" by T-Mobile to force you to buy a newer phone from them.

                                              • sweetpeach

                                                I hate to chime in here because I don't have a J7 (Note 10+ 5G); however, after toggling on Wifi Calling, can you press & hold on the Wifi calling words to take you to choose "Wifi preferred" or "Cellular preferred"? If so, you must choose "Wifi preferred" because even the slightest cellular signal and the phone will try HARD AND LONG to connect to towers even though there is a perfectly useful wifi signal available.

                                                  • mission2090

                                                    You do not know the magnitude of  people trying to bring back the wifi

                                                    calling. IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE. So far only way to bring it back is to

                                                    'reverse flashing' the Pie update back to Android 8 Oreo using Odin

                                                    software and choosing the correct firmware version for the phones. Only

                                                    problem of this ultimate method is it can 'brick' the phone making the

                                                    phone  into a completely broken useless  brick. I just bought a new phone

                                                    Galaxy sm-A505GN/DS around $270. It came with Android 9 Pie and wifi

                                                    calling is working. I did a update and no problem.  .....   I think the

                                                    whole issue is mainly Samsung not updating all J7 phones that are scattered

                                                    around the world with different versions. In addition TMobile is clueless

                                                    this is happening. I will only buy a compltely unlocked phone which does

                                                    not have any service provider software, TMobile, Verizon, etc. So this way,

                                                    the phone is totally virgin without any service provider's touch.

                                                  • mission2090

                                                    Even this J7 phones have whole bunch of versions scattered around the

                                                    globe. Samsung evidently did not update all the versions or did not update

                                                    wifi calling app. I gave my J7 phone which now does not have wifi calling

                                                    to my brother who couldn't be careless about wifi calling. He is using the

                                                    phone as a tracfone.


                                                    One thing I learned is to buy a completely virgin phone without any service

                                                    provider's software like TMobile, Verizon, etc. This way the phone is as it

                                                    was when it came out of Samsung factory.