New InBox SIM, SIM IN USE by "****"


    I currently have a basic prepaid plan for a Backup phone, I would like to add a data Sim for a hotspot ( I have like five or so all painstakingly unlocked from my previous carrier and I would like to be able to rotate through them other than the NG LB1120 ). so I picked up a SIM card at my local drugstore a few months back, problem is I can't get it to recognize the Sim card online and both over the phone and in store says that the card is currently in use??? This was a brand-new sealed package and until my last phone call where I thought this was going to be resolved the Sim card was still attached to the larger card.


    - I understand that because I have a basic plan that only allows one line. so I will have to have two separate accounts = no problem.


    - the other issue I have is that every device I plug the IMEI into the website says “invalid-request”


    Somehow I got a page to say that it wasn't compatible and that I should be looking at buying a new phone. I believe it was on this page once or twice briefly.




    “Your phone doesn't support Extended Range LTE or Voice over LTE technology.

    We are not able to tell if this phone is unlocked.”


    For one it doesn't support voice so VoLTE is not an issue???



    - We got the LB1120 from Amazon Brand-new in box, I don't think it's locked. we've briefly used it with AT&T … and it worked great for a month until AT&T messed something up and we went through 4 months with no data….


    The reason for doing this is I would like to test and see how reliable and speedy T-Mobile is at my house for under $20 to qualify the equipment ( I already own and i would have to repurchase all equipment with BlazingHog via a local distributor ) and service with a third party MNVO carrier for home Internet. Other than that I would also like to keep the line to swap between my other unlocked AT&T hotspots, tablet and as a backup.


    And we are for some reason in this Bermuda triangle of Sprint signal anywhere within 500 feet of our house ( the Sprint hotspot(s) gets one bar and phones get 2 to 3 consistently and it's not like we're in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by three towers ). I'm also going through every possible option before I end up having to settle for Comcast, which I really don't want to because of their business practices and unfortunately they're both the fastest and cheapest. And yeah I'm not even considering satellite….. or frontier….

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      • imark77

        Re: New InBox SIM, SIM IN USE by "****"

        After speaking with the store that I bought this card at, they seemed to think that it was not properly activated or rung-up and decided to give me my money back. it Still doesn't answer all my questions, but at least i got my $8 back as it was on sale for $30.

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: New InBox SIM, SIM IN USE by "****"

            Hey, imark77!


            Super odd situation with the SIM card -- I'm inclined to agree with it was accidentally scanned or something similar. From looking at the specs on it, you should be able to hook up to the network, but it also depends on the frequencies available in your area. What zip code will you mostly use services in?

              • imark77

                Re: New InBox SIM, SIM IN USE by "****"

                My fingers are itching to hit the order button on a new card.

                zip 25411


                LTE Bands 2, 4, 5, and 12

                3GBands 2 and 5


                Still scratching my head on band numbers sometimes they're listed as individual numbers (1,2,3,4,5), sometimes they're listed with a “B” before them (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5), sometimes in different categories and if that wasn't confusing enough they have also been listed as plain frequencies ( 700, 600…. ).


                Unfortunately odd issues are mostly normal in my life, to the point where if it worked and i am in and out within 10 minutes something must be wrong.

                  • tmo_amanda

                    Re: New InBox SIM, SIM IN USE by "****"

                    All of those numbers can get confusing! You might find this helpful to decode the bands: T-Mobile network . In the zip code listed, bands 12 and 71 are present (600 & 700 MHz) but you won't get a strong signal inside a home or building at this time.

                      • imark77

                        Re: New InBox SIM, SIM IN USE by "****"

                        Wow I have been looking on and off for about a year for this information, if only all companies listed it like that. I have been doing some pretty deep spelunking and I have not found that page on my own yet. Looks like I got everything but B66 and B71 for support.

                        My iPhone 4S can occasionally get signal outside and if I switch over to the iP’SE I can get a bar or two inside.