T mobile has horrible service, NO MORE CHOICE!


    Not even fixing customer issues , that was my first time choice t mobile and my last time . No more. (poor service attitude, mistake anything and need customer fixing by they-self) . Cheating with customer, when you try to choose t mobile . They will say anything ok , you will have that promotion or that benefit. But when you between t mobile  customer. What they say is not true. Keep say that reason or that problem. I only using t mobile 2 months I wouldn't choose this company again! So I would not choice this service again. Be careful!

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      • gramps28

        I tried google translate and it's of English language but the syntax is not there

        so I can't help you.

        • tmo_mike_c

          We really want to help, but I'm also having trouble with what you need. Is it signal that's troubling or something else as well?

          • tmo_chris

            Just checking to see if you still needed any help here.

              • magenta10622652

                I too have had poor service on my phone.  I drop calls everyday and nothing has been done to rectify the issue.  We have performed trouble shooting on my phone numerous times and even replaced the phone.  I have a samsung 10E but even with the refurbished replacement i still drop calls.  I have asked to be able to just turn the phone back in and they declined this.  I want to switch but dont want to be stuck with a bill for a phone that i can only use half of the time.

                  • miket

                    Have you ever had T-M service at your location?  Maybe you are simply in an area where a diff. carrier might work better.

                      • magenta10622652

                        We are in the coverage map.  We have a mobile store 5 miles from our house.  I can be driving down the highway right outside Louisville and drop multiple calls.  A different carrier would be great but Mobile will not allow me to turn in our phones and be down with them completely. This would be great so I wouldn't have to suffer with mobile ever.  I highly don't recommend mobile to anyone.  They false advertise, having the largest network.

                          • miket

                            I think you only had 20? 25? days to cancel and turn in phones.  Usual advice for someone switching carriers is to ask other users in that particular area who they use and the quality of service.   The only thing that might help in near future is if Sprint (altho highly unlikely) had service there.  I'm not sure TM has given its users access to all Sprint towers yet.

                              • magenta10622652

                                I asked several users that had tmobil how their service was and all of them said that they had no issues.  I also asked co-workers how they liked tmobil.  We really dont like bouncing form provider to provider at all, we were at sprint for 12 years before we actually made the decision to switch.  If we had know that we were going to have this much issue dropping calls everytime i make a phone call i would have been more than happy to turned in the phones during those 20-25 day return dates.  But, i stuck with tmobile in hopes that this issue would get resolved and to this day and many trouble shooting attempts it still hasnt been resolved. 


                                Once again by word of mouth i will not recommend tmobil to anyone that we know and will suffer through all our dropped calls since we are now stuck with this crappy service that tmobil provides to us.