SMS / text messages to my daughter's phone randomly delayed 10 minutes or longer


    My cellphone and my daughter's are both on T-Mobile (though not the same plan).  I have an iPhone SE; my daughter has an Alcatel Flip.


    My SMS / text messages to my daughter will randomly get delayed more than 10 minutes -- in other words, she will not receive the message until 10 minutes  (sometimes even more) after I sent it.  She does not seem to have this problem with anyone else -- her text messages from schoolfriends, etc. all seem to arrive immediately.  Often, she will get a message her friends sent a few seconds ago, even while my SMS that I sent 10 minutes ago is still unreceived.


    I got my daughter a cellphone specifically so we could communicate by text message to co-ordinate when she needs to be picked up from school, etc.  If SMS messages are delayed 10 minutes, this makes her phone pretty much useless.

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