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    I used to be a T-mobile Prepaid customer on their $40 unlimited talk, text and 10 GB of data plan. A couple of weeks ago I got a text from T-mobile about the 2 lines for $65 deal, so on Saturday I went to a T-mobile store to have my wife moved over to T-mobile. However at the t-mobile store, after a really long time, I was told that the online system doesn't give the option of evening scanning a sim card that could be placed in my wife's phone. However I was made to pay $25, and then $11.03 at the store to change my current pre-paid plan to the new "2 for $65" one. So basically on my account it now states that I have the 2 for $65 plan, however it just has my phone line in there. What do I do to have my wife on there too as the second line? She has an unlocked iphone by the way.


    Thank you so much!

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      • tmo_amanda

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        Hey there!

        Sorry this has been complicated. It sounds like the $25 you paid was for the SIM card. Have you called us via 611 yet? The plan you're wanting is referred to the 2 lines for $65 Simple Prepaid plan. You can also work with T-Force via Facebook or Twitter to review your account and see what steps are needed to get your wife added on the plan.