Losing signal when switching counties


    So I noticed this about a week ago when I went for a job interview in a different county. As soon as I got to the county line I lost all signal. I sat in the parking lot waiting closer to my interview and never gained signal back also was in a different time zone and it never switched. I drive back and as soon as I got to the county line signal returned. Went out to eat with friends yesterday, crossed into a different county, lost signal. Didn't think much of it thinking it was bad signal. Well on the way home I decided to reset my phone and sure enough it started working. Passed through the county line where I live and bam no signal. Anyone else have this problem? I shouldn't have to reset my phone every time I switch counties. I contacted support who said it can be slow to get signal back when switching towers except it doesn't come back until I reset my phone. Any advice or things to check? I have a galaxy s10.

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